Easy Halloween decoration idea: Recycle your planters

Easy Halloween decoration idea: Recycle your planters

For your Halloween night to be a success, you must set up a frightening scene. Don't make it too complicated: you probably already have some of the things you need to create it. Got planters from last summer? Here is what you can do by recycling them in three simple steps. 

1. Recycle your planters

Step 1: Recycle your planters

Gather the pots containing soil indoors. If there are plants in it, you may keep them or remove them to leave the entire space to your decorations. 

2. Add decorations

Add decorations

Use your imagination and gather the elements that can be added in the planters, or nearby. We suggest adding a false forearm coming out of the planters to create a dramatic effect and adding decorations such as plastic mice or rats as well. 

3. Install decorations

Install decorations

Assemble everything and install your decorations near the main entrance to create a frightening scene. Tip: You could also add Halloween lights. 


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