Black Cedar Mulch

Black Cedar Mulch

C-I-L® 100% Black Cedar Mulch keeps your landscape looking beautiful all season. This rich, naturally aromatic ground cover provides a striking backdrop for your garden flowers and shrubs.

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42.5 L


  • 80% less weeding and repels insects
  • 70% less watering
  • With SUNGUARD™ Colour lasts all season long
How to use

How to use

Garden beds & landscaping

Use in all types of gardens, landscapes, pathways, around trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Remove existing weeds and grass from garden area.

Seeded gardens

  • Wait until seeds sprout and plants start to develop before applying mulch.
  • If combining with plants, apply fresh C-I-L®Natural Black Earth Top Soil, fertilize and insert plants. Recommended minimum depth is 5 cm (2 in) with landscape fabric.


  • Use landscape fabric under the mulch to enhance weed control and increase the life of the mulch.
  • Refresh each spring.
  • Use of garden gloves is recommended when handling mulch. 
Application Rate

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Safety data sheet




PDF (42.5 L)


Raw Cedar Mulch, Black Dye


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