Spreader Settings

To determine the settings of your spreader, select the brand, then the model and finally the product you want to use.


Application Patterns :

Full rate (1 Pass)

Full rate


Half rate (2 Pass)

Half rate

How to calibrate your fertilizer spreader

If your spreader is not listed here, you can determine which setting to use by conducting this simple test:

  1. Read all directions and precautions on the bag.
  2. Weigh out enough of the fertilizer to cover 100 m2 and put it in the spreader. (Bathroom scales will help you do this.
  3. Set your spreader on a low setting. (Usually one quarter of the way open is a good starting point.)
  4. Spread the material you put in the spreader over 100 m2 (10 m x 10 m) [1076 sq. ft. (33 ft x 33 ft)].
  5. 5. Ideally the product will run out when you get to the end of the 100 m2 area. If you have a little left over, increase the setting slightly. If you don’t have enough to cover the full 100 m2, reduce the setting slightly.
  6. Write the setting and product name on a piece of tape and apply to the spreader for future reference.

We recommend that spreaders be re-calibrated periodically.


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