BIO-WEED & FEED® Lawn Food 9-0-0

BIO-WEED & FEED® Lawn Food 9-0-0

C-I-L® Lawn Food BIO-WEED & FEED® 9-0-0  prevents weed seeds from germinating, including crabgrass, white clover and dandelion seeds. Use this lawn fertilizer in conjunction with a sound lawn maintenance program.

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9 kg (19.8 lb)


1 000 sq. ft.


  • With 90 % corn gluten meal
  • Prevents weed seeds from germinating
  • Thick, green turf with no risk of burning
How to use

How to use

  • To inhibit weed seed germination, use in conjunction with a sound lawn maintenance program.
  • Apply product with a fertilizer spreader in a criss-cross pattern. Use half the content in each direction. Weeds that are established at the time of application will not be inhibited.
  • Do not apply the product on newly seeded grass as it may inhibit grass seeds from germinating. Wait until after first mowing when root systems are established.
  • If over-seeding or re-sodding in the spring, do not apply the product in the spring. If over-seeding or re-sodding in the fall, do not apply the product in the fall.

When to apply

  • Apply to established turf twice a year, once in the early spring two weeks before weed seed germination, and once in late summer or early fall after heat stress has passed.
  • Apply when soil is moist and when rain is forecast within 2 days of treatment. If rainfall does not occur within 2 days of treatment, irrigation is required.


  • Excessive moisture at the time of treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • This product should be used as part of a complete fertilization program.
  • Do not apply under windy conditions.
  • The inhibitory effect of the product to weed seeds generally dissipates in five weeks following application.
  • Apply to a mature lawn having a well-developed root mass.


Keep in cool, dry conditions away from seed, fertilizer and pesticides.


Do not reuse empty container. Dispose in accordance with municipal or provincial regulations if applicable. If no such regulations apply, wrap and dispose of empty container with household garbage. 


Keep out of the reach of children. May cause sensitization. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Avoid inhaling/breathing dust. For good hygiene practice, wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed footwear and gloves when handling the product. It is recommended that a dust mask be worn when transferring the product to the spreader. Should not be applied if the applicator or a member of the household has a sensitivity or allergy to corn.

General:  Seek medical attention immediately if irritation or signs of toxicity occur and persist or are severe. Take container, label or product name and registration number with you when seeking medical attention. Toxicological information: Treat symptomatically.

First aid:
If swallowed:
 Rinse mouth and throat with copious amounts of water. Do not induce vomiting.
If on skin/clothing: Take off contaminated clothing. Wash skin with plenty of soap and water. If inhaled: Move to fresh air.
If in eyes: Hold eye(s) open and rinse slowly and gently with water. Remove contact lenses if present, and then continue rinsing.  


Application Rate

Application Rate

Application Rate CIL LF Bio Weed Feed 9-0-0

Application Rate Spreader CIL Bio Weed Feed 9-0-0

Note table

Apply at a rate of 9.7 kg/100 m2 (20 lb / 1 000 sq. ft.). 



0 58262 30545 6

Safety data sheet





Guaranteed minimum analysis

Corn Gluten Meal (actual): 90%
Total Nitrogen (N): 9%
Water-Insoluble Nitrogen: 9 %


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