BIOMAX™ Composted Manure

BIOMAX™ Composted Manure

C-I-L® BIOMAX™ Composted Manure is a source of organic nutrients that help ensure plant growth while complementing our natural environment. Use this organic, naturally composted plant food to feed all your plants. Containing beneficial bacteria and organic matter, this product will revive soils and promote healthy development. Easy to handle, odourless, non-burning and weed-free.

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15 kg


  • Natural plant food
  • Revitalizes and conditions soils
  • Encourages plant growth

Role of NPK

Nitrogen (N): Promotes vigorous growth of foliage and stems and improves yield.
Phosphorus (P2O5): Promotes root growth and stimulates flowering
Potash (K2O): Increases stem strength and plays an important role in the size, colour and flavour of fruit.


How to use

How to use

Evergreens, trees and shrubs

In the spring or fall, apply at the rate of 2 kg per 1 m2 (10 sq. ft.) around each tree or shrub and mix into the top 5 cm (2 in) of soil. For new plantings, mix 1 part of composted manure with 3 parts of soil, and water well.

Flower beds and vegetable gardens

Before planting, spread 15 kg per 8 m2 (86 sq. ft.) and rake into the top 5 cm (2 in) of soil. Apply again before hot weather at the same rate, as an ideal mulch and plant food for vigorous summer growth.

New lawns

When preparing the seed bed, spread 15 kg per 15 m2 (161 sq. ft.), rake and mix into the top 2 cm (0.75 in) of soil before sowing grass seed.

Established lawns

  1. Apply at the rate of 15 kg per 30 m2 (323 sq. ft.), in early spring and again in the fall.
  2. Do not apply near bodies of water, if heavy rain is expected, to frozen ground or at higher application rates than recommended on the label.
  3. Water lightly after fertilization.
  4. When used on established lawns, it is recommended that this product be used based on a soil analysis test. 5. Use as part of a complete fertilizer program.


Store product sealed in original container, in a dry place. Disposal: If it becomes unusable, or there is no intention to reuse it, add to compost bin or dispose according to provincial and municipal regulations.*

*Contains CQA-approved material.

**Where supported by local recycling programs.



0 58262 80211 5

Safety data sheet




PDF (15 kg)

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total nitrogen (N): 0.5%
Available phosphoric acid (P2O5): 0.5%
Soluble potash (K2O): 0.5%
Organic matter: 15% Maximum moisture: 65%


Dark Peat, Rapid Lime, Manure. Product may vary slightly from region to region.


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