Benefits of Compost on the Soil and Plants

benefits of compost in your garden

Compost is decomposed organic matter that is used as an amendment to feed the soil, and its benefits are multiple. If you're not already using compost, we bet you will after you've read this!

Whether it's for your lawn, raised beds, planters or hanging baskets, compost enriches the soil by adding organic matter. Over time, that organic matter is broken down by beneficial microorganisms, a biological activity resulting in the production of nutrients your plants need to thrive. Compost also improves the structure and water holding capacity of the soil, helping plant roots grow stronger. Amending the soil with compost increases its biological properties and biodiversity, and promotes the suppression of soil-borne diseases.

Compost should be incorporated to the soil before planting in the spring. Dig it in at a depth of 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 in) to allow microorganisms to develop. Doing this will discourage weed growth and improve the soil's nutrient content and water holding capacity. You can also practice a technique called "side dressing" with plants that have overwintered or for a mid-season application. As the name implies, side dressing merely consists in applying compost on or around the sides of a plant.

C-I-L® offers four different kinds of ready-for-use compost:

C-I-L® BIOMAX™ Composted Cattle Manure and BIOMAX™ Composted Manure are odourless, organic plant foods that revitalize the soil and promote healthy plant growth.

C-I-L® BIOMAX™ Mushroom Compost is a mushroom farming by-product containing peat moss. It is perfect to improve both the structure and texture of soils.

C-I-L® BIOMAX™ Sea Compost, a blend of shrimp and peat moss, is designed for use in organic growing. It is ideal to correct the structure of sandy soils.

All our high-quality compost products are pH-adjusted and fully mature, which guarantees their stability. They're also free of weeds, contaminants and pathogens. Using any of them is sure to yield multiple rewards!


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