Winter Scarf Wreath – Christmas Decorations

Winter scarf wreath Christmas Decoration

This year, create this decoration to add a festive touch to your main entrance door and welcome your guests during the Holidays. It's amazing what can be done with an old scarf and a few fir branches. Here's how to proceed. 

3 steps to creating your winter scarf wreath

1. Recycle an old scarf

Recycle an old scarf

Find an old wool scarf in your closet. Make sure it's long enough for the project. 

2. Use a wreath base 

Wreath base

You can easily find a wreath base in a craft shop or discount store. A metal or foam base will do the trick.

3. Add fir branches

Fir branches

Gather a few of the prettiest fir branches in your yard and add them to the wreath. Finally, hang your project on your door.


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