5 Canning Tips for Beginners

5 Canning Tips for Beginners from C-I-L Lawn & Garden
  • Always use jars approved for canning. Examine each jar for any cracks, and each rim for tiny chips. A cracked jar can cause a failed seal, which can make for spoiled food.
  • Choose the proper Canning Method. For fruits and vegetables canning, it is recommended to go for water bath canning.
  • Get the Essential tools. To ease the process and ensure safety, you should use jar lifter tongs, a ladle and a wide-mouth funnel.
  • Do not overfill jars. If you fill jars too high, the canning lids will not seal properly.
  • Listen for popping sounds. Once the jar has properly sealed, you should hear a popping sound and the lid should no longer pop up.


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