Spring Lawn Care: What to do After the Snow has Melted?

Lawn: what to do after the snow has melted

You may notice a number of problems with your lawn when the snow melts after a long Canadian winter. Compacted soil, dry patches, dead grass and snow mold are all common, and all can be managed with a bit of tender loving care in early spring. 

Be Gentle with your Lawn

Be sure your lawn is completely thawed before you attempt any serious repair work, especially if the ground is frozen underneath but thawed on top. Otherwise, equipment and foot traffic are likely to damage soil structure and may harm tender new grass. 

Caring for your Lawn in Early Spring

  • While you’re waiting for the lawn to dry, tune up your mower, change the oil and sharpen the blade, if you haven’t already. 
  • Take time for a quick cleanup as soon as the lawn is dry. Pick up branches and other debris. Rake lightly, if needed. 
  • Rake your lawn thoroughly if you notice a lot of dead grass after winter snow has melted. Too much dead, matted grass will prevent your lawn from breathing and taking in important nutrients. 
  • If the lawn has been packed down by snow, consider aerating the lawn so it can absorb nutrients, improve moisture retention and stimulate new growth. You can rent an aerator and do the job yourself, or hire a professional.

Tips for a Super-Healthy Lawn

  • Once your lawn is clean and free of debris, apply a good quality lawn food to get your lawn off to a good start for the season ahead. 
  • If you notice a fresh crop of weeds, apply BIO-WEED & FEED® that will prevent weed seeds from germinating, such as crabgrass, dandelions, and other unwanted plants.
  • Patches of cottony pink or grey fungus are a sure sign of snow mold, which is common in northern climates. Usually, a thorough raking and warmer temperatures will take care of the problem.  
  • When the grass is up and growing and the weather gets a bit warmer, make sure your lawn receives at least 2.5 cm of moisture per week. 



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