How to Have a Healthy Lawn in three steps!

How to have a healthy lawn in three steps

Having a healthy lawn doesn’t mean hours of backbreaking work, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.  It does, however, require regular care and attention, including proper feeding, watering, and mowing. Just follow these simple steps.



Feed your lawn twice yearly, in spring and late summer. If your lawn is heavily trampled by people or pets, you may need to fertilize three or four times. A granular fertilizer with a ratio such as 33-0-3 is a good choice for established lawns. 

Alternatively, if weeds have gained the upper hand, use a quality bio weed and feed product until weeds are under control.  

Follow manufacturer recommendations carefully and water as directed. Never overfertilize, as too much lawn food can scorch the roots and may even kill your lawn.



Water your lawn deeply once a week. In general, 2.5 cm per week is plenty, but you may need to increase this amount during the heat of summer.

Watering deeply and infrequently will promote long, healthy roots and grass that is able to withstand stress. On the other hand, frequent, shallow irrigation creates short roots and a weak, unhealthy lawn.

Be careful the timing. Avoid watering in the evening; grass that is wet all night is more susceptible to fungal diseases. Don’t water in the afternoon, when much of the moisture is lost to evaporation. Watering in the morning is healthier for your lawn, and your water bill.



It’s tempting to set the mower low so you don’t have to mow as often, but your lawn will be much healthier if you set the mower on the highest (or second highest) setting. 

Keep your mower blade sharp so you’re cutting the grass, not tearing it. A dull blade can result in brown tips, unhealthy grass, and an unsightly lawn. 

Don’t bother raking after mowing. Grass clippings are mostly water, so they decompose quickly and return nutrients to the soil. 


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