Amazing new stuff from C-I-L® RESTORE

This spring, C-I-L has exciting new things in store with USER-FRIENDLY products casual gardeners crave for. Introducing C-I-L RESTORETM with its branded 3 in 1 NUTRIPACK technology designed for lawn results no one can miss. A “sure shot” effortlessly. The formula, the EASE OF USE, and that visual impact…


A one-word promise engaging casual gardeners everywhere. Dependable, accessible, all rhyme with LAWNCREDIBLETM.

OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE with C-I-L® Restore All Condition Grass Seed

Nothing better in the sun or shade. C-I-L® Restore All Condition Grass Seed gives LAWNCREDIBLETM results, no matter the sunlight conditions.

Specially formulated with the exclusive 3 in 1 NutriPack technology, this product guarantees your expectations will be met. It feeds the soil, creates thick roots and produces a healthier lawn. The perfect solution to start a new lawn, overseed or fix bare spots in your yard.

It’s reassuring to know it simply works, every time.

INNOVATION: C-I-L® Restore Feed & Seed Lawn Fertilizer & Grass Seed 

Feed and seed in one single step with the first complete lawn fertilizer with grass seed. You’ll love C-I-L® Restore Feed & Seed Lawn Fertilizer & Grass Seed for its ease of use, simplicity and visual impact.

Its revolutionary formula saves you both time and money. It’s the only product allowing you to feed and seed in one single step. A 2 in 1 treatment that gives a visibly thicker and healthier lawn. The result is obvious, you can’t miss it!

Maximize results with C-I-L® Restore All Purpose Garden Fertilizer

Bigger, tastier vegetables. An abundance of spectacular flowers. Stronger, healthier plants. This product’s exclusive and innovative formula works hand in hand with nature, revealing its full potential. Rediscover your garden with C-I-L® Restore All Purpose Garden Fertilizer!






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