Eliminating Lawn Weeds

Eliminating Lawn Weeds

By Mark Cullen

How do you kill lawn weeds?  The answer is simple: compete them out of existence. Here is our 4-step recipe for a thicker, greener and (for the most part) weed-free lawn.


  1. Rake the area of thin or tired grass gently using a leaf rake, removing all loose debris and getting grass blades to stand up on end.
  2. Spread C-I-L or Mark’s Choice lawn soil (or triple mix) about 3 to 5 cm thick and rake this smooth.
  3. Hand-broadcast quality Iron Plus grass seed on the area.
  4. Rake this smooth, step on it to bring the seed in firm contact with the soil and water until germination occurs.  Keep it damp during hot, dry spells and fertilize with quality, iron-based lawn fertilizer containing slow release nitrogen.


Alternative: Apply Iron Plus Lawn Recovery 4-in-1.  This product is applied through your lawn fertilizer spreader. It contains fertilizer and features pelletized compost and grass seed.  After you spread it, the dry compost swells on contact with moisture (either rain or water that you apply) and provides a medium for the grass seed to germinate and grow.  

The fertilizer sustains the newly germinated grass plants for about 3 weeks, at which time you should apply a slow release lawn fertilizer.  Iron Plus Lawn Recovery is a substitute for bags of lawn soil and grass seed.

Competing weeds out of existence is not an exercise of spraying anything on your lawn. It IS a matter of changing lawn maintenance habits in favour of a healthier lawn.


If you are still asking “How do I KILL weeds?”, Wilson recently introduced a new, biologically based broad leafed lawn weed killer under the brand of WeedOut.  It is based on a naturally occurring hormone found in peas and broad beans.  

Based on our experience it works with one application and kills the root of the weed, when you use it according to label directions. This product has been many years in development. Safe for use around pets, children and the environment.  It is a game changer.


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