7 Tips to Prevent Weeds in Your Lawn

7 Tips to Prevent Weeds in Your Lawn

When it comes to a beautiful, green lawn, weeds are the enemy, and once they’re established, it’s very difficult to gain the upper hand. 

It’s much easier, less expensive, and kinder to the environment to prevent weeds before they’ve invaded your lawn. The most effective way to accomplish a weed-free lawn is to keep your grass in fighting condition.


These tips may help:


  1. Feed your lawn every six to eight weeks throughout the growing season; weeds have a hard time getting started when your lawn is thick and healthy.
  2. Raise your mower height to the highest level. Weed seeds need sunlight in order to grow, and taller grass will create shade that makes it more difficult for seeds to germinate.
  3. Never scalp your lawn, as you’ll create unhealthy grass that won’t be tough enough to withstand encroachment of weeds.
  4. Water your lawn deeply once or twice a week, but no more. Watering too often promotes grass with short roots. Long roots are healthier and enable your lawn to crowd out weeds.
  5. Patch any bare spots, as weeds nearly always pop up on bare soil. Rough the surface of the soil with a rake, then sprinkle grass seeds and step on the newly planted area to ensure seeds make contact with the soil. Water lightly and keep the soil moist until the grass is at least 7.5 cm tall.
  6. If weeds continue to be a problem, use a bio weed and feed product in place of regular fertilizer. Apply the product every month until fall.
  7. Chemicals should be avoided whenever possible, but stubborn crabgrass may require the use of a pre-emergent weed control product in late winter or early spring. 


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